Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lace It Up

I absolutely love black lace. Yeah, okay, sometimes it can look rather cheap... but when worn correctly, it looks elegant and sexy.  Here, I simply paired a lace dress with a black cardigan to dress it down a bit and balance it.  In the picture shown above, I paired a lace top with some dark skinnies. How do you like to wear your lace?


Kait H. said...

what a fun outfit! i love that you made your outfit post black and white! you look so elegant :)


Linda Pochinda said...

I feel exacly the same way! Just got myself a black dress with lace too. It's so adorable!
Love yours :D

Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Yay for black lace! I love your outfit...it looks great!

Katie said...

You look gorgeous! I love black lace.


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