Friday, March 9, 2012

Food Friday: Making Whole Wheat Pasta Tasty

It's been a while since I've made the conscious decision to incorporate more whole grains into my diet. Substituting wheat for white has been fairly simple throughout the years, but I have noticed one particular food that has been difficult for me to make the transition and that is wheat pasta. There is just something about the texture and the bitterness that I just don't find to be very pleasant. 

So I came up with a solution. I decided to experiment with a few key ingredients and I found these to be the options that work best with the whole wheat pasta. The creaminess of the sauce seems to improve the texture of the pasta, while the strong garlic flavors cancel out any bitterness or unwanted flavor the wheat pasta produces. 

1. Boil Pasta
2. In a sauce pan: 
      coat the bottom with olive oil
      add marinara, minced garlic, salt & pepper
3. Plate the pasta and add sauce & freshly grated parmesan 

Bon App├ętit!


Mimi said...

this looks and sounds delicious! i'll definitely give this a try! ;)

<3, Mimi
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beti said...

I always eat whole wheat pasta and I struggle with the sauces, thanks for sharinf this!

Chuchu said...

i eat just whole wheat pasta, its my favourite food with ketchup (made by my grandmother:D),olive oil and parmesan cheese:) bc i dont like garlic :D


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