Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Head to Toe


Vintage scarf used as a headwrap

Vintage boat tie blouse

Vintage earrings that were a birthday gift from a good friend


Vintage purse that was also a birthday gift from a friend, and an asymmetrical skirt from Forever 21

Taupe booties I got for a good price


Brooklyn Grace said...

Cool post dear!!!!
love it specially your shoes!!!!!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

How did you tie the scarf so perfectly? I really like the print on it.
The Fashionable ESQ
PS: having a giveaway! drop by!

The Wearwithal said...

I just wrapped it around my head (from the back) and then over lapped the two ends, twisted, and tucked! no knotting was involved at all :)

MaryBeth said...

ah, i love this.

Little Tree Vintage said...

so gorgeous<3

Fleur De Moi said...

Stunning. Straight up stunning.

Fleur De Moi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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