Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jewelry & Makeup Storage

Since moving back home for the summer, I've been on a quest to put together functional, simplified storage facilities in my room. I've tried to simplify what I use on a daily basis by asking myself "Has this really been effective or is it merely there". This question has helped me wittle things down quite a bit. My makeup is all stored in the desk drawer in little containers. I keep my most used skincare products on a vintage tin platter, store my jewelry in an antique relish dish, and keep my most precious rings in an old jewelry box. I love the idea of intertwining the old with the new. How do you store your makeup/jewelry? 

1 comment:

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This really inspires me to want to do something different. Right now I just have everything shoved in a drawer!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth


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