Sunday, July 8, 2012


I really enjoy seeing photographs of others that didn't quite make the cut. I think it's interesting to analyze what about a photograph makes it worthy, or unworthy. There are many things that contribute to a "bad" photo. Some of the things that I've noticed (in my personal photos) are:
  1. Out of focus subject
  2. Poor lighting
  3. Inattentive subject (though this sometimes can result in a surprisingly cute, candid photo)
  4. Uncontrollable laughter (which sort of corresponds with #3)
  5. Elements of weather
  6. Awkward positioning 

 I also think it's important to show the other side of these outfit posts. It takes an awful lot of bloopers in order to get one photo you're satisfied with. But personally, I get a kick out of looking at those bloopers... and I find them more interesting than the average photo.

^Blurry subject

^Seconds away from bursting with laughter

^Fiddling with hair

^ This one's completely acceptable, right? ;)

^Sometimes I have a hard time remaining serious 


Angela Z. said...

These are so cute and candid (: You're so pretty! I found you on IFB, and followed, would love if you could check me out: Thanks!

Alyssa Nicole said...

These outfits are amazing as well as these hilarious pictures! <3

Rebecca J said...

I like how you draw attention to how difficult it is to get the right photo, when you first look at blogs it seems so effortless! Just letting you know, as you used to be a follower of mine a good 6 months ago, that I have finally re-started my blog since the burglary incident, and I'd love for you to have a look at it! I'm trying to get back on my blogging feet as it were :) thanks!

hearts and hands said...

simply adorale


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