Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth

My mom made this delicious raspberry hibiscus tea today for our family get together. It includes:
1 Cup Dried Hibiscus Flowers
10 Natural Hibiscus tea bags
Sliced oranges & limes & cinnamon sticks for garnish

To me, the tea tastes like something that should be served at a festive holiday brunch... but maybe that's just the cinnamon. Regardless, it is delicious and refreshing. 


V said...

That looks delicious! Happy Fourth. I'm having a you choose cashmere giveaway on my blog, please pass by and enter I think you'll love it.


Marlena said...

woah that looks so so good, i definitely want to try it! it sounds easy enough :)

Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie said...

Where do you get dried hibiscus flowers??

So amazing you post this, because I was just saying today how I want to become a tea afficianado - it's so amazing!! At the cafes here in Paris, I'm always finding new and delicious types of tea that continue to shock my tastebuds.

YOu guys are so classy making these teas. Wish I did this more instead of just buy bottled stuff, haha.


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Oh my gosh! That looks incredibly tasty and refreshing! Hope you enjoyed your day.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!


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