Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Visit an apple orchard
Paint pumpkins
Get at least one spiced pumpkin latte 
Make a costume 
Toast pumpkin seeds
Go to at least one haunted house
Go on a fall hike
Make fall crafts
Bake a pie
Watch Hocus Pocus
Give friends goodies
Be thankful


Lori said...

This is such a nice idea! I have recently posted a 'what makes me happy' but [probably] wouldn't have thought to do a bucket list!
Really enjoying your blog! Beautiful layout and lovely soft focus on your photos. Inspiring :)

Natalia said...

100% agreed. Beautiful post. x

Dana said...

Yes! I was in Party City today and they were playing Halloween music and I got totally nostalgic for all the Halloween themed movies: Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Halloween Town, Nightmare Before Christmas

Katta said...

Hell Yeah!

Anonymous said...

This was precisely the answers I'd been searching for. Amazing blog. Incredibly inspirational! Your posts are so helpful and detailed. The links you feature are also very useful too. Thanks a lot :)


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