Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bedroom Inspiration

This June, some of my best friends and I are moving into a house together in our college town. Ever since we signed the lease, I've been gradually collecting items in excitement for the big move. I often find myself acquiring inspiration from photographs like these. 

Other than the fact that I'll be living with three awesome girls, I think I'm most excited to transform a fresh, empty bedroom into my own. I feel like I've really developed my personal style within this past year, so it's going to be fun projecting that onto a clean slate.  


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Kelly Jaspers said...

Such a beautiful place <3 love it!!

Do you like to follow each other via fb/ bloglovin? I will add you back directly!


Anonymous said...

These shots are amazing, definitely excellent choices for the muse room selections. I have always found white as a huge feature of rooms with incredible ambiance and an equally satisfying amount of productivity supplement. I love these photos :)

Patricia Ayuso said...

beautiful pics! love your blog ;)

Claire said...

Those pictures make me want a fresh bedroom! Just found your blog and I love your posts!

Irela said...

Gosh these are so pretty! I am moving out very soon and need all the inspiration I can find! ♥

Hannah said...

Gorgeous inspiration photos! Would love if you stopped by my way!

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