I'm Stephanie. In 2011, I started my blog to document moments of creativity, inspiration, and just plain joy. 

What do you blog about?
I blog about DIY projectsFashionFoodMusic, and anything that I find to be interesting or inspiring.
Here are some of my favorite posts...
Open Back Blouse
Candelabra Bud Vase
Homemade Blueberry Tart
Zucchini Pizza Bites
Orange You Happy
Coated in Coral

How old are you?

How frequently do you update the blog?
Since I am currently a full-time student also working a part-time job, updating daily can be difficult. I try to schedule posts when I know I'll be busy. 

What got you into blogging?
Beginning art school really inspired me to start a blog. I started doing a lot of research and experimentation with my creativity that I wanted some way to document it. I then began finding inspiration in other blogs and I loved the atmosphere it created. 

Where/how can I contact you?
Email- mathenas@uni.edu
Instagram- @stephaniemathena


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I found it in IFB, it was a good idea to create the group there :)

Amelia Jin said...

Hello Stephanie!!! I also found your group in IFB! I followed your blog, and would love for you to do the same (if you want to)!
Check out my blog;

Alexis said...

Hey! I found your blog on IFB, and let's just say that I fell in love with your DIY category! I'm not following via GFC, and can NOT wait to see more great DIY ideas!

Hope you can follow me back and tell me what you think! :)



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